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Sneak Preview Update | the first gathering

October 9, 2011

‘SNEAK Preview’ Update

The first gathering of ELEVATION Church was a sweet time of praising God through worship and hearing from God through His Word.

We met at Mountain View High School on Sunday Oct. 9, at 10:30am. Many Church plants send direct mail cards to thousands of households in their city to promote their preview services. For our first preview, our focus was word of mouth invitations to people we’d already connected with to join the Lead Team for an intimate time of worship [hence we referred to it as our “sneak preview” service]. We were hoping to see 30-40 people show up. Imagine how thrilled we were when God brought 50 people together for our very first worship experience!

Parker said, “I thought the Sunday Service was awesome and it far passed my expectations. I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere (it was not stuffy).”

Allyson said, “Angus’ speaking style is incredible, he really has a way of relating real life stories and bringing humor to the sermons, which I enjoyed. I liked the contemporary style of the music and atmosphere.”

We thank God for a great start.  And we are already looking forward to our next gathering; November 13, 2011 @ Mt. View High School, 10:30am.

For more info about what’s going on, surf on over to:

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