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HELLO Loveland!

We rolled into Loveland at midnight on July 17. We traveled 1,320 miles across MIssissippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas before reaching the promised land…Colorado!

After unpacking the moving truck on Sunday [Thanks again Caleb, Marshall, & Luke], we had one week to prepare for our inaugural outreach effort in our new community; Kids Week 2011. Together with a team of 40 Students and Adults from Durant, OK, we hosted 2 sports camps at 2 locations simultaneously, from July 25-28th.

We offered the 25-30 kids who attended Kids Week their choice of tracks; Soccer, Basketball, T-Ball, or crafts. The most important time every day was the Truth Track where we taught God’s truth about God’s Creation/ Our Rebellion/ God’s Rescue/ and Ultimate Restoration. We built amazing relationships with the children and their parents throughout the week. Kids Week wrapped up with celebration parties for families that included Inflatables, sno cones, cotton candy, hot dogs, burgers, games, free give-aways, and an invitation to join the journey of planting ELEVATION Church.

The desired outcome going in to Kids Week was to build a few solid relationships. We had encouraging conversations with 2-3 families who have an interest in connecting with ELEVATION church as we form our Launch Team. Plus, at the South location, Courtney got asked to babysit 2 sisters who attended all week. At the North location, Sergei and Sarah received an invitation to dinner at the home of a couple who we are pretty sure have yet to trust Christ. Mission Accomplished!

You can follow our progress at In the meantime, please take a few minutes to pray for the formation of ELEVATION Church in Loveland, Colorado. Thanks!

Prayer Update

We believe in the power of prayer and we are honored to have you pray for us. Many wonderful things are happening; Here are the highlights.

God is assembling an amazing Launch Team! In an incredible display of faith, 16 people are “all-in” on the vision to plant a life-giving church in Loveland. WOW!

Homes for sale! Please pray for the 3 members of our launch team selling homes in KY & GA. This is the only thing standing in the way of these folks moving to Loveland. We desperately need God to do move on their behalf. So far there have been NO SERIOUS INQUIREIES ON THESE PROPERTIES. Ask our sovereign Father to bring buyers for these homes. This is our #1 prayer need.

Love is in the air! Pray for the 2 newlywed couples that are moving with us to Loveland. Lift up Sergei & Sarah Yepishin and John & Cori Pacillo as they begin their new lives together. Pray that, like our church, their marriages will be built on the solid foundation of Christ Jesus.

The McKinley’s are Moving! We have a house under contract and plan to move to Loveland in early July. Praise God together with us for providing us a great house in a great location [yeah, you can see the mountains from the kids bedrooms].

Transition Time. Pray for everything you can think of concerning our transition time. New neighbors, new friends, new school, new understanding. Pray that we “learn” our new city well so we can start a culturally appropriate church. What works in KY, or MS, doesn’t necessarily work in Loveland, CO.

We are neck deep in the work of raising the funds required to plant a church in Colorado. We now have online giving set up so people can make one time or recurring contributions. Pray for God’s provision to flow toward this vision! Visit; for more information.

Do you have a place to meet? This is a question I get asked quite often. The answer at this point is ‘no.’ Our desire is to be identified as a ‘people’ before we are known by our ‘place.’ But, we do need a space to meet. Join us in asking God to lead us to a great location for our “monthly preview services” [Oct-Jan], and our “Launch Service” [Feb. 2012].

FINALLY, Pray for the mission team of 50 students and sponsors coming to serve our community and promote ELEVATION at the end of July. This is a crazy blessing that has come about before we are truly ready. Pray that God uses this team to make a positive impact!

We’re honored to have you faithfully praying for ELEVATION Church, my family, and the others making the move with us. We truly believe God is going to do something great.

Thanks so much for partnering with us in prayer!


The Vision Video

Watch this video filmed on location in Loveland as Angus shares the vision of Elevation Church and how you can get involved!

…for more information about the Launch Strategy and to access our convenient online giving option visit::

To Donate “OLD SCHOOL;” You can mail donations to:
Elevation Church, Inc
PO Box 755
Loveland CO. 80539

Prayer Update

March 2011

Dear Friends,

Thanks for accessing the monthly prayer update from Elevation Church, Loveland, CO. We believe in the power of prayer and we are honored to have you partner with us in this way.

Things are progressing rapidly with the formation of Elevation Church. We have officially incorporated as a church in Colorado, launched our website, and begun to talk to potential donor’s and partner churches. The end of this month the kids and I will tour Loveland to visit the High School, check out housing options, and meet with local leaders and area pastors – planning is in full swing. Here are several specific things that you can pray for.

Pray for several fundraising conversations that will happen in the next few weeks. As you know, resources are tight in this tough economy. We ask for favor with God and his people to provide the funds needed to live and do ministry in Loveland [you can find our launch strategy and budget at].

Praise Report: God has blessed us in amazing ways in the last week as we’ve shared the vision of Elevation Church. We already have gifts committed for the first year in excess of $160,000! Join us in praising God for this!

Pray for our launch team as we research the city of Loveland. Two things; First, we want to get to know our new city well. We want to understand the mind and heart of the people of Loveland. Second, we want to find areas where growth has created the need for a life-giving church. Where and how the church is planted is important. We need wisdom.

Pray that several people on our launch team would be able to find jobs. We’ve got 8-10 people looking for jobs in art, business, nursing, web development, and teaching. This is obviously a big step in the process.

Pray for me as I balance working on Elevation Church while continuing to finish out the Church Planting Residency at Pinelake. I feel like I’m in two worlds right now. Pray for focus!

Pray for my kids. Meredith graduates form EKU in May and has been accepted to EKU’s graduate program for Occupational Therapy. Pray for Caleb, a Sophomore at UK, to continue to grow in his faith. Pray for Courtney and Marshall as they wrestle with the adjustments of moving to a new city, a new school, and finding new friends.

Finally, Pray for the Holy Spirit to go before us and prepare the hearts of the people in Loveland. The parable of the sower Jesus told in Matt. 13:1-23 highlights the importance of the seed of the gospel falling on receptive soil. This is not currently the condition in Loveland– but with your prayers we are believing God for miracles!

Thanks so much for partnering with us in prayer – we really do count it an honor!


Angus <*(((((((><

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Jan. 24, 2011

I need your help. We need to come up with a new name for our new church plant.  Until now, the working name for this church plant was, “New Life.”  Incidentally, just yesterday I learned from a friend that, “New Life” is the most popular name for new churches in America.

I so loved the idea of our name being attached to our mission. “We exist to invite people far from God to be filled with New Life through Christ.”  We had a theme verse and everything! Acts 5:20 [NIV], “Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.” However, due to the very public scandal involving Ted Haggard, former pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs; the name “New Life” does not have a good reputation in the state of Colorado.

So…we are in search of a new name! And here’s where you come in. We need to hear from you!! So, say a prayer, cast your vote, and Name That Church! Please comment via the website, DM via twitter, or send an inbox message via fb, and let us know your choice for the name of this new church.

Here are the contenders [in NO particular order]:

  • Journey Church
  • Elevation Church
  • Discovery Church
  • Freedom Church
  • ________ Church [your choice].

Thanks for joining the formative process of the expansion of the Kingdom of God in Northern Colorado. We’ll let you know the results soon!

Epilog | Naming Guidelines

What’s in a name? Names in the Bible are very significant. They often symbolize the central character, purpose, or theme of a person’s life. If you have a scripture verse that correlates to the name you choose – please send that along. Another factor to consider is longevity. We want this church to have a name that reflects our heart and Christ’s mission for the next 50 years [so no names like – “Acme C4 industrial strength faith church”].

Jan. 20, 2011,

JG: What’s new? What’s been going on with you since you left Kentucky?

AM: Since arriving in Brandon, MS., in August of 2010, I’ve been blessed to be the first guy through the Church Planting Residency at Pinelake Church. It has been a tremendous vision boosting experience for me. God has expanded the original vision to plant ‘a’ church, and replaced it with a vision to plant a church planting church.

Tell us a little bit about your journey through this process.

In essence, I’ve been given a backstage pass to attend Staff mtgs., Elders mtgs., and even the senior leadership retreat. I’ve gained exposure to Pinelake’s strategic planning process, and have had a chance to glean wisdom from top-tier leaders. They have challenged me clarify my vision, values, theology, strategy, budget, and countdown calendar. The other piece for me has been the selection of a location.

Have you enjoyed the site selection process?

I have. It’s been exhausting, though. I toured areas in Iowa, California, Florida, and Colorado in the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was slightly crazy; but, in the end, it was good.

What did you expect from this process?

Well, I anticipated locking in on a location sooner than January, 2011. But, in the end, 150 days is not all that long to determine where you will spend the next 15 years of your life.

When did you decide?

I guess I decided soon after the first of the year. After settling on a “final location” I let that decision percolate awhile before ‘going public’ on January 12, 2011.

What was the major factor in your decision?

I think the major factor was that the Loveland area is a real “match” for my mindset and personality. Those that know me best have said, “When you spoke about California I could tell you were drawn by the need, but when you talked about Colorado I felt that was where you had a better natural connection.”

Bottom line; California always felt like a “stretch,” while Colorado was a “fit.”

Do you have any doubts about your decision?

No. I don’t have any doubts at all. In fact, since going public with my location, God has not failed to supply some sort of confirmation about Loveland, on a DAILY basis! Every day since Jan. 12, someone has expressed interest in joining the Launch Team, or given me valuable contacts in the area, and some have shared confirming signs.

Like What?

This is a strange one, but a young man who was a part of my youth group down in Texas committed to go with me before he knew the final destination. In a time of prayer with a friend they asked God to reveal the location to them and they both heard, “Colorado.” That was in mid November.


Yeah, It’s been incredible. So far, we’ve heard from more than ten people who are seriously talking about making the move with us. And that’s not counting my kids. If…, no…WHEN you count them in, you’re talking 15 folks joining this journey of faith!

How are the kids feeling about this decision?

Honestly, they are each working through the process at their own pace. God has been, and continues to be, extremely gracious in dealing with us about the transitions and challenges ahead. With the two joining me going into the 9th and 12th grades, it’s challenging, to say the least. Any move is hard. But what they’ve learned this year is that God has new friends, and new experiences, waiting for them in the new place.

Finally, How can we pray for you at this point? [obviously not a question Jim Gray would ask, but one that seemed logical to wrap up this mock interview].

I’d ask people to pray for the preparation of the soil in Loveland. Pray this new church will be planted into receptive soil where it can take root and grow strong. Pray for God to clearly call out the Launch Team He desires to bring this about. There are 1,001 steps that have to happen to make this a reality; Formation of the initial “Staff” Team, Incorporation, Sponsoring Churches, Monthly Financial Partners, relationships in the community, service projects, finding a facility, …etc. I’d encourage people to download the Prayer Guide and pray that God would provide everything we need every step of the way.

Thanks Angus.

You’re Welcome, Thanks Jim!

New Life Prayer Guide

January 12, 2011

LeBron James :: The Decision

On July 8, 2010 a television event aired on ESPN called “The Decision.” The show was an unveiling of where Lebron James intended to play basketball the coming season.

I admit that I watched “The Decision.” I watched LeBron sit down with ESPN reporter Jim Gray and answer questions in front of a bleecher full of clueless kids from the local Boys & Girls Club before telling the world where he planned to play ball. In the end I felt that I’d wasted 30 minutes of my life on content that could have been covered in 5 minutes.

The funniest thing to me about the whole thing was the stunning non-response of the kids in the bleechers. Lebron dropped the BIG NEWS, and the kids just sat there. No cheers, no “Awwwwhs,” nothing. LeBron said the words everyone was waiting to hear, “This fall I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.” And the crowd fell silent. The only sound was that of camera’s clicking [the equivalent of crickets chirping].

So today is “The Decision” on It will certainly be no-less thrilling than the original. Today I finally reveal where we are going to plant this new church. Rather than make you wait while Jim Gray asks me a bunch of questions before spilling the beans, I’m going to share my answer first, and then post the Jim Gray interview afterward.


Without further delay…

The moment all 17 of you who read this blog have been waiting for…

THE DECISION: “This summer I’m going to take my kids and my launch team to plant a life-giving church in Loveland, Colorado.”

[feel free to squeal, cheer wildly, or use this moment of silence to pray].

To those who made it this far…Thanks for tuning in to “The Decision.”

Next time: The Interview – Why Loveland?


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